30+ Best Sean Anderson House Designs In 2018 For Your Inspiration

Sean Anderson Designs

Interior designer Sean Anderson flips tradition on its side with an unconventional mix of classic and contemporary in his East Memphis home. He transformed this 1960s throwback into an exceptional 21st-century translation of his aesthetic.

Want to Know More About Sean Anderson Design?

At the beginning of phase one, Sean faced a three-dimensional challenge that many would have deemed hopeless. Not much had changed since the home’s original 1960s state. He faced aged linoleum, shag carpet and an abundance of wallpaper. There had been minimal upkeep, apparent in an overgrown exterior and ancient appliances. This was a whole home renovation from floor to ceiling. Sean has plans for a downstairs master suite, but in phase one, he did not add square footage. He wanted to maximize the current footprint of a modest-size home by turning a choppy 1960s layout into a more open concept with modern living spaces.

To create an up-to-date floor plan, several small rooms with limited flow were converted to open spaces between the living room and downstairs den. Hidden pocket doors are integral to the success of a space that now provides both freedom of movement.

Every one of them has their very own distinctive point of view for a designer. Lighting has ever been one of the most integral elements of my design practice.

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